Top Tips For A Smooth Diwali Celebration

Diwali Celebration

Diwali is almost here and we all are gearing up ourselves for a diwali celebration for a blast that it is bringing with it. To keep up the hustle, here are a few tips that will help you prepare for Diwali before all the hassle begins. 

Gear up! Don’t let the burden of too many forgetful tasks ruin the fun this year. 

With this list of tips, we’ll cover up everything that you’ll need this Diwali. Let’s get going!!!!!!

Ways to prepare for Diwali celebration:-

1. Get done with cleaning and keep a good tidy: Cleaning and getting done with all the laundry is the cleansing ritual that all of us follow for Diwali. Make sure you get done with the total cleaning process almost 10 days before Diwali to avoid all and any last moment hassles. Make sure to keep your house spaces clean and tidy after you have done it once. The cleansing ritual is to ensure that the home is ready for goddess Lakshmi to arrive. So, get it done. Fast!!!!

2. Bring up the colors and start decorating: Diwali is all about a lot of lights and colors. It’s to bring all the stuff that you need to decorate your house with. Rangolis, wall hangings, garlands, lights, decor pieces are a joyful addition to welcome the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Watch out this space for DIY Diwali Decor Ideas.

3. Start Lighting lamps and diyas: There are a total 5 main days of the festival and you should start lighting diyas and lamps a few days before Diwali. Get into the mood. Don’t be lazy and leave it for that one day. Trust me, doing it the same days before gives you all the energy that is needed for such a joyous festival.

4. Treat yourself with a new outfit: Festivities not only bring up celebrations but also a time where you can get yourself into some self care. Buy that dress you’ve been waiting to buy for as long as you can remember. Try loving yourself a little more. Now get up and do some great outfit shopping. Don’t forget to Go vocal for local and shop from Homegrown brands to complete your diwali celebration. 

5. Shop all the pooja list items: Diwali pooja is one of the main events that takes place on the day of Deepawali. According to different regions and different family traditions everyone needs different things to perform the pooja. Get going, ask your elder, make a list and cross-check after buying all the things beforehand. We have compiled some basic items that everyone needs and should not forget for a diwali celebration puja.

6. Get the gifts: Diwali Celebration without gifts are just incomplete. Don’t wait for the last moment and don’t give the same old soan papdi boxes. Bharatgoods has some amazing gifting options and we have compiled them together. Check out these great gifts. In addition to giving gifts to family and friends, don’t forget to gift your house help and other people like your driver, watchman, vegetable-seller. It’s a hard time and all of them need your  generosity.

Prep for the big festive meal: Making sweets, snacks and savories are a tradition for Diwali and are often given as gifts too. Start looking up for tasty vegetarian recipes for diwali. So don your apron and get the oven ready for some tasty treats! Find all the necessary ingredients required on Bharatgoods.

Lastly, take a deep breath and just enjoy your diwali celebration with your family. It’s the only time of the year when you all are together to celebrate your culture and just be happy. 

Bharatgoods wishes all of you a safe and happy diwali. May this year Diwali Celebration be one of its kind and may Goddess Lakshmi shower up her blessings on all of you. Stay healthy and Shop now!

By Hardika Suthar

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