The Sale That You Need This Diwali! “Homegrown Shopping Festival”

Homegrown Shopping Festival

The well-awaited festive season of Diwali is around the corner along with Homegrown Shopping Festival or Zero Spend Shopping as it is the best time to shop for anything. People wait for the Diwali season to come, as it brings along offers and sales which are much anticipated. One can buy anything for a lower price than normal which adds to the happiness we get from this auspicious time.

The sale fest is up on a lot of sites online. However, one of the places you MUST keep your eyes on is

Though there are many companies giving offers, BharatGoods have introduced their “Homegrown Shopping Festival” or “Zero Spend Sale”. Yes, you heard it right, ZERO Spend! You won’t have to spend anything! Want to know more about it? Read on!

What is BharatGoods?

BharatGoods is an online marketplace which connects Indian consumers to Indian Brands and help Indian homegrown brands to get discovered. We firmly believe in Vocal for Local, a campaign promoting the local Indian brands to help our economy grow. We scout throughout India to find the best products and brands. We are rooting for the government campaigns like “Atmanirbhar” and “Make in India”.

What is the Homegrown Shopping Festival or Zero Spend Shopping all about?

It is the first year of BharatGoods in the market and we want to provide our customers with experience that they have not got before, hence the Homegrown Shopping Festival along with Zero Spend Shopping. As the name says, you will only get homegrown brands from all over India to shop from along with Zero Spending on anything! That means whatever you spend you get back in the form of vouchers! 

If you plan to spend rupees 500 on our Homegrown Shopping Festival, you will get a voucher of Rs 500 back which can be used on the next purchase. It is essentially not spending at all. How much happier can this Diwali get!

How many days is it for?

Different Sales are usually on for a week but at BharatGoods we understand how shopping is important and thus our Homegrown Shopping Festival or Zero Spend Shopping will be up FOR A WHOLE MONTH! A full month of buying things where you get all your money back! Don’t wait, start putting things in your cart, the sale will begin soon!

When will it begin?

Note the Date, the Homegrown Shopping Festival will begin on October 15th! Happy days are near when you get to open all your parcels and adore your new products. The sale will go live on 15th October and will stay up until 15th November, a whole month of shopping for your favorite goods from Indian brands. You will be benefiting our economy and getting all the things you need. What a win-win situation?

What do I get if I buy during the Homegrown Shopping Festival?

Listed are the benefits you can enjoy if you buy from during the sale:

-Not spending your hard earned money for any products that you buy, as you will get loyalty rewards in the form of a voucher. 

-Buying from the best Indian brands, ensuring supreme quality of all the items that you order.

-You will not be confused for what gifts to be bought, just scroll and be sorted as BharatGoods have many options available

-You will be fueling an Atmanirbhar Bharat, supporting Indian brands 

-Almost all the products on BharatGoods are natural and organic, so you will be supporting the environment as well!

These are only some of the huge amounts of benefits that you will be getting. 

As BharatGoods is newly launched (We are only 2 months old!), we thrive to establish a great foundation with the best customer service from start. We want to be focused on you, our customer, and we plan to provide the best for you! We will bring more such festivals like Homegrown Shopping Festival so that you can make the most out of it.

What can I buy during this Homegrown Shopping Festival?

There are a variety of products that you can get to embellish your life and get a new experience with every one of them. And all these products are produced by Indian brands! Here are some of the brands you MUST look out for:

1. Koala:

Koala is an Indian brand under the parent company ‘Mantis’. They are all about self-care products which are safe for you. They have partnered with GMP compliant manufacturing facilities to produce pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical grade personal care products that can be used by a variety of people: from patients under care to sport enthusiasts. Their products comprise of many natural ingredients and least amount of chemicals to suit every person’s needs while ensuring that the product works well. 

Koala presents ‘Foaming Shampoos and Body Wash’ to tend to our personal care needs. Their shampoos are especially curated to take care of hair, rejuvenating them. Their body washes, with their foamy consistency, will smoothen your body by giving it a refreshing feel.

These products can be found from a price range of 120 to 200 rupees, but if you buy from the sale, you will get your money back in the form of vouchers!

shampoo and bodywash combo

2. Good Roots:

Another brand that you must look out for is Good Roots. Good Roots is a brand under Aaha Impex Pvt. Ltd., a company which has been specializing in natural and organic products over the past TWO decades! They produce and deliver premium quality food products, giving the customer a wholesome experience. Their products go through state-of-art equipment to ensure the best manufacturing quality. Their motto is, “Food mothers can trust”.

Different types of products from Good Roots are up for sale on Some of them include grocery items like Basmati rice, different daals, poha, sabudana, etc. They also sell different types of flours such as Ragi, Gram, and Amarnath, to name a few. They also have spices such as chilli flakes and oregano available. 

All their products are produced naturally and are natural and organic, free from any kind of chemicals and processing.

Their prices range from 50 rupees to 700 rupees, depending on the quantity.

3. Zest Chocolates:

Here comes a brand that you must look out for. Zest Chocolates has been India’s premium chocolate destination for the past 7 years. They started as a small handmade chocolates business in 2013 and have grown into a big company with their outlets in different cities. What sets them apart from the other chocolate brands is that their chocolates are made from the best kind of natural ingredients and curated here in India! Being a homegrown brand, they thrive to provide the best quality chocolates to Indians and also have a variety of gifting solutions available, from corporate gifting to weddings. They manufacture all kinds of chocolates and have a variety of flavours available!

Zest Chocolates have a great range of gifting sets on BharatGoods available for you. They are packed such that you can readily gift them. They have small packs to big hampers which range from 210 to 1100 rupees. They also sell chocolates separately to tend to your chocolate cravings but their hampers are what steal the show.

You will get all these without spending anything as you will get your whole amount back in the form of vouchers which you can spend on other things while munching on chocolates from Zest.

diwali chocolates

4. Botany Bar:

Keep your eyes out on Botany Bar, a brand which curates to your skin care needs. They are making a mark on BharatGoods with their Papaya Gel and Skin Oil. Botany Bar is an Indian company which focuses on skincare. Their products are made from 100% natural ingredients
and you must look out for them!

Their Skin Oil is an advanced therapy oil which works on your skin in order to rejuvenate and nourish it, repairing it well. It’s light, consistent, and non greasy and works especially well on smoothness of the skin. It has been assessed good for use for everyone and the results stay for long even after using just once. It costs only 400 rupees! And if you buy it during the Zero Spend Sale, you get your money back!

The Papaya Gel is another specialty of Botany Bar. Papaya is considered a boon for the skin and Botany Bar have taken special care in including much of papaya in their gel. Its consistency suits the skin well and provides greatest results. It is priced at 280 rupees but you pay ZERO as you get your spending back.

These are some of the numerous brands available on BharatGoods. Check out these and many more homegrown brands only on Spend your Diwali with a little extra happiness from our Homegrown Shopping Festival or Zero Spend Shopping and enjoy with your loved ones. Maintain social distancing and keep supporting the path to an Atmanirbhar Bharat with us! #SabseAchaSabseSacha

By Samvidha Daiya

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