Vkare Open Patella Knee Brace – Neoprene – Blue

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Vkare Open Patella Knee Brace is used for people suffering from instabilities and patellar disorders like patellar tendinitis, and dislocations. It is ideal for senior citizens who suffer from arthritis and helps in relieving the pain.

• It is used for Stabilizing And Supporting The Injured Knee Joint

• It Improves Blood Circulation And Reducing Pain & Swelling;

• It has adjustable strapping fixed in the neoprene rubber.

• The hinges used in it helps in providing stability and mobility.

• Its inner cushion provides extra relief to the knee joint

• The adjustable strapping allows for correction of the patellar tilt, glide and rotation.

How to Use: Place the patella knee brace over the knee with the patella opening on the knee. Pull and fasten the velcro straps around the knee.

Date of Expiry / Shelf Life : 24 months from the date of manufacturing, Note : Please check the date of expiry before use of product. Country of Origin: India

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