Meraki Fennel Essential Oil

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Diffusion may help in:
Reducing anxiety, Grounding,Bringing Clarity, Instilling Perseverance, Stabilizes Mind, Eases negative feelings, Uplifting, Supports Feminine Energies.

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We at Meraki Essentials call Fennel the ‘Acceptance Potion’
as it is widely known for its ability to help digest physically and
mentally, along with removing toxic build up in the body and psyche
finally resulting in relaxation. 
Essential oil of Fennel is obtained from steam distillation of
the crushed seeds of the Foeniculum Vulgare plant. It has a fresh,
spicy, earthy, sweet aroma and has been used over different parts of the
world through the ages.  Massage with carrier oil may help in: 
Relieving Spasms ,Relieving Gas, Aiding Digestion, Relieving Painful Menstruation, StimulatingSoothing Chronic Cough, Reducing Wrinkles, Soothing Hiccups,Aiding Detoxification, Tones skin.

Note – Please check the date of expiry before using the product.
Country of Origin – India

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Weight 10 g

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