True Elements Roasted Sunflower Pumpkin And Flax Seeds (Pack of 3 x 125 gm)

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How can Roasted Seeds Blend help improve your body?
Want to stay away from the risk of heart problems?:
These seeds can help you. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of minerals such as magnesium and vitamins such as Vitamin E, which promotes the proper functioning of the heart. It also regulates the blood circulation and prevents hardening of arteries, which helps in protecting the heart from cardiovascular diseases.

Want to get rid of stomach irritation?:
The high amount of fibre content in sunflower seeds helps in the digestion process, carries out proper working of the bowel movements and cures the stomach disorders. It also fills up your stomach, prevents binge eating and hence helps in promoting weight loss

Boost your immunity:
Consumption of Roasted Seeds can reduce the inflammatory diseases because of the zinc content in it, thereby boosting the immunity. It is also a good source of antioxidants which fights off the free radicals and protects you from any infectious disease.

Tired of munching boring snacks?:
This perfect blend of different seeds can be a great option for a healthy snack to hit on. They can be of great benefit to protein deficiency disorders too. This combination of seeds are a powerhouse of essential nutrients, which provides you with the daily requirement of nutrition and improves your overall health of the body.Date of Expiry / Shelf Life: 180 days from the date of manufacturing. Note: Please check the date of expiry before use of product. Country of Origin: India

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Weight 125 g
Dimensions 21 × 13 cm

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