True Elements Raw Watermelon Seeds (Pack of 2 x 250 gm)

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Scared by the risk of heart diseases? These seeds can come to your rescue:
Arginine content in these seeds prevents hardening of the arteries, thus keeping you safe from strokes and other heart-related disorders. It also keeps a check on the blood pressure levels as it is low in cholesterol which prevents the unhealthy fats from sticking to the walls of arteries and hardening it.

Stay away from the risk of chronically disorders:
Being a rich source of antioxidants, these seeds can keep you away from any stomach infection and boost your immunity. They are a rich source of fiber and vitamins which regulates the bowel movements, strengthens the immune system and avoids the risk of any stomach infection.

Trying to get rid of high blood sugar levels? These seeds can help:
Boil these in water and then consume. It helps in controlling the blood sugar level from rapidly increasing. It also regulates the insulin production thus preventing sudden sugar spikes and maintains the sugar levels.

Reproductive health importance for men: Raw watermelon seeds are a rich source of lycopene which improves male fertility by helping in sperm formation. It also acts as natural Viagra and improves your sexual performance.

Want to improve your memory? Eat these seeds:
Niacin and vitamin B6 present in these seeds are responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system. It improves the bools circulation

Do you feel restless after a workout?
Consumption of these seeds can help. The citronella present in these seeds helps in strengthening the muscle tissue, resulting in the prevention of fatigue and keeping your bones strong.

Fond of long, shiny hair and glowing skin? Consume these seeds:
Since it is a rich source of iron and magnesium, it helps in maintaining healthy skin.Omega-3 present in these seeds makes your skin glow. They are a rich source of iron which prevents hair loss and strengthens the scalp. Magnesium content in these seeds helps in preventing hair from becoming dry and rough.

Besides the above health benefits, it is known to sharpen your memory and also help in cleansing the kidney waste.Date of Expiry / Shelf Life: 180 days from the date of manufacturing. Note: Please check the date of expiry before use of product. Country of Origin: India

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