Heart Warming Christmas Gift Ideas For This Winter

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Christmas is a time for joy and celebration. The greenery of trees and whiteness of snow is one of the most beautiful scenes of all time. Christmas Gifts are an essential part of Christmas celebration. Christmas is enjoyed throughout the world and is celebrated with togetherness and love. Find an array of Christmas gifts from Homegrown Indian brands from bharatgoods.com and put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. 

Wrap your family in Christmas cheer this year and celebrate it well. The pandemic has already stolen us from the pleasure of going out as usual, but this has also given us the liberty of spending time with our families. 

Here are some ideas you should consider when celebrating Christmas this year:

Decorate your home

Christmas has set colours: Yellow, Green, White, and Red. Make sure you get yourself enough of decorations of these colours so as to make your Christmas special. The glittering and glimmering time you will spend with your family will be enhanced with the right kind of decoration. 

Lights are essential for any special occasion. There are a lot of beautiful and different shaped lights available throughout the market. Step out and buy some of the most beautiful looking lights which catch your eye. Also, you can go for different colourful lightning to decorate the inside and outside of your home. 

Socks are where we put wishes, make sure you get the decorative socks and ask your kids to write down their wishes and put it in. Santa will be here soon!

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Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree will heighten the Christmas cheer at your home and can be the best christmas gift, so make sure to get a large but cozy tree you can put all your ornaments on and make it feel pretty and prettier by adding some snow effect through cotton or sprays which are available in the market for this purpose.

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Dress accordingly

Though we cannot go out as much, we can get things delivered! Buy some Christmas themed clothes to wear on the day. Many costumes are available for kids throughout the internet, choose as per their liking and get ready for the special day. Also, Christmas colors are mainly red and green, so make sure your clothes are similarly colored.

Board Games

Christmas is all about love and giving christmas gifts. And to sit with your loved ones indulged in things that make you lose the track of time is one of the best things you can do. Get nostalgic with board games this Christmas. Stack them up before 24-25th and enjoy them with your family and friends. Monopoly is one of the most classic games you can checkout but there have been introduction of a huge amount of games lately. Look to see which ones fit your need. 


Another thing you can do to make this Christmas all the more special is surprising your family. Get them secret christmas gifts that they have been wanting. Or take them around the city safe in your car and watch how beautifully the world has been decorated. Let them ask for individual things and surprise them with it. You can bake cakes for them or get them some beautifully packaged and useful gift hampers.

Prepare a feast

Know what your family likes to eat? This Christmas, prepare their favourite dishes and treat them to a homemade feast! Bake cakes and cookies, make scrumptious cuisines and see them smile and eat to their heart’s content. Winters are here, so make sure you get some hot stuff ready for your family to devour. 


This is the most important highlight of Christmas time. Christmas is about gifts, giving and receiving! Whether it is a christmas gift for Dad or Mom, for your siblings, grandparents, friends, or even pets, gifting is gifting. This pandemic has given us enough time to know our families and friends more, so prepare a list of what you want to gift and get shopping! 

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Have a happy Christmas with your loved ones, make it all the more memorable with all the Christmas gifts and ideas that have been listed here. Enjoy this wholesome time to the fullest with our TRIPLE HAPPINESS OFFER by SANTA applicable till 25th Dec 2020! Let Santa Claus gift you and your loved ones happiness this year.

By Samvidha Daiya

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