Gluten Free Flour For A Healthy Diet

Gluten Free Flour

Flour is something that we use every single day for our meals, but have you heard of a gluten free flour. Most Indian households cannot imagine going through a single day without using flour. Variations in such an extensively used product can give us a slight change from the monotony of our regular diet and we at can provide you with exciting variety of gluten free flour that you must try at least once. 

Nutriwish Coconut Flour is rich in dietary fiber and aids better metabolism while maintaining sugar level at the same time. This also contains a high amount of beneficial fats and is a gluten free flour. This product is also 100% vegan and organic, making it the perfect healthy and beneficial addition to your daily diet with a twist. 

Nutriwish Chia Seeds Flour is a 100% vegan product that can increase hydration, lower blood pressure and control blood sugar levels. This product is also gluten free and organic making it the perfect replacement for your regular flour for everyday snacks. This can make your food both healthy as well as good in taste. 

Buy these 2 flour varieties at and go healthy this Diwali!

By Ishita Pal

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