Mediline Oxygen Fine Adjustment Valve
Oxygen Fine Adjustment Valve with Rotameter and humidifier Bottle Specially Designed Metal Knob Poly Carbonate Bottle The Outer Tube Protects the graduation of Inner Tube from getting Obliterated Specially Made Spindle for Fine Adjustment. Caution: Always Close the knob of...
Rs. 2,550.00
ARU AOX-516 Pulse Oximeter -White
Best Pulse Oximeter TFT display and Autoshutdown in 8s Blood oxygen and Pulse measurement Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Alarm Low battery reminder Waterproof--ARU Med fingertip pulse oximeter is a high-quality product, which is a non-invasive, continuous detection of human...
Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 449.00
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ARU AMT-505 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer-White
Measure Temperature without contact Fast measurement approx 3s Button to switch between ℉ to ℃--ARU Med Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer helps to measure the accurate temperature without touching the body. It has a digital display with fast measurement of approx 3...
Rs. 7,999.00 Rs. 2,099.00
Meraki Clear Jojoba Oil
• Cleanse the skin • Seal moisture and create effective barrier to external elements - as its molecular structure is very similar to the secretion of the sebaceous glands in the skin that it is readily accepted and tolerated •...
Rs. 795.00
Meraki Sweet Almond Oil
• Cleanse the skin. • Enrich complexion and preserve glow. • Moisturize naturally deep into skin. • Ease skin irritation and skin inflammation. • Prevent dry, flaky and irritated skin. When applied on oily skin in little quantity, it balances...
Rs. 595.00
Meraki Apricot Oil
Apricot seed oil has oleic acid, which is an omega-9 fatty acid and a wonderful emollient that makes hair and scalp softer. • It moisturizes the hair and scalp while increasing the hydration level and reducing dryness. • Linoleic acid...
Rs. 445.00
Meraki Walnut Oil
• Get glowing Skin. • Combat aging. • Reduce lines and marks • Treat Dryness • Banish Dark Circles • Heal fungal infections. • Helps fight hair loss. • Fights dandruff. • Promotes hair growth • Moisturizes • Helps heal...
Rs. 495.00
Meraki Unrefined Golden Jojoba Oil
• Cleanse the skin • Seal moisture and create effective barrier to external elements - as its molecular structure is very similar to the secretion of the sebaceous glands in the skin that it is readily accepted and tolerated •...
Rs. 795.00
Meraki Grapeseed Oil
• Get soft and supple skin • Keep skin hydrated, fresh and smooth • Prevent pigmentation, acne, scars, psoriasis, sunburns and stretch marks • Keep hair and nails moisturized • Reduce wrinkles and puffiness • Relieve aches, pains and muscle...
Rs. 495.00
Meraki Marjoram Essential Oil
Marjoram Essential Oil has a number of beneficial properties that are mentioned below.   Diffusion: Acts as a sedative, calms the mind and helps with restful sleep.Calms obsessive thinking, Supports self care, Soothes anxiety, Provides comfort and warmth, Calms a...
Rs. 995.00
Meraki Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
• Uplifting effect on mood, inducing feelings of joy & hope • Managing anxiety, sadness & chronic stress • Managing acute depression after a shock or an accident • Coming out of nervous breakdown • Counteracting anger when meditating •...
Rs. 695.00
Meraki Vetiver Essential Oil
• Relaxing & calming mind • Relief from Insomnia • Balancing hormones • Repelling termites • Boosting Immune • Strengthening nervous system • Calming neurotic behaviour. Put a drop on wrist, chest or back neck for quick help in mood...
Rs. 1,995.00
Meraki Thyme Essential Oil
• Common cold • Bacterial infection in respiratory system • Relaxing body • Anxiety • Allowing lungs veins and mind to open, • Detoxification • Boosts memory • Reduces cellulite • Prevents hair loss • Prevents formation of gas •...
Rs. 895.00
Meraki Tea Tree Essential Oil
• Strengthening & warming feeling • Inspiring confidence and dispelling doom • Stimulating memory • Protecting against airborne infections • Preventing cold and flu, alleviates symptoms • Strengthening subtle energies • Relieving anxiety & sorrow • Getting rid of fear...
Rs. 595.00
Meraki Spearmint Essential Oil
Relaxing and cooling the brain • Concentration, mental clarity and focus • Countering mental & physical fatigue • Countering stress and depression • Reducting headaches, migraines, vertigo and dizziness • Clearing nose congestion, sinus, respiratory infections.--At Meraki Essentials we call Spearmint the...
Rs. 395.00
Meraki Rosemary Essential Oil
• A psychic protector • A symbol of friendship and love • A reminder of life and death • Associated with the third eye chakra, Rosemary may help in assisting clear thought and inner vision, connecting you to your inner...
Rs. 695.00
Meraki Petitgrain Essential Oil
Diffusion may help in : Reducing anxiety, Soothing nerves, Promoting healthy Sleep, Calming anxiety, Clearing Respiration system, Easing negative feelings, Uplifting, Supports healthy immune. Additional:  * Blend 2 drops of Petitgrain in a Tea spoon of Golden Jojoba,  Apply on...
Rs. 695.00
Meraki Peppermint Essential Oil
• Focussing and concentration • Feeling of insecurity and inferiority • Intuitive insight, mental clarity, psychic sensitivity • Relieving psychological symptoms of shock • Unclogging sinuses and offer relief to scratchy throats • Relaxing muscles of nasal passages, & clearing...
Rs. 395.00
Meraki Patchouli Essential Oil
• Patchouli essential oil is historically known to protect wounds and ulcers from developing infections and becoming septic. • May help reduce body temperature in cases of fever by fighting the infections that cause the fever. • Effective in protecting...
Rs. 595.00
Meraki Palmarosa Essential Oil
Adding 2-3 drops to your diffuser, air freshener, burner, vaporizer, linen, or to pillows may grant a feeling of contentment, sense of security, adaptability to existing situation, rekindles the aura, clarifies thoughts and augments trust in the sacred stream of...
Rs. 395.00
Meraki Orange Essential Oil
• Driving away feelings of irrational fear, self-doubt • Conquering fears & obsessions • Cheering & Uplifting • Maintaining Emotional Balance • Controlling Temper • Promoting Creativity, rejuvenating the soul • Clearing stuck energy • Inducing psychic awareness, harmonizing body,...
Rs. 395.00
Meraki Nutmeg Essential Oil
100% PURE & NATURAL NUTMEG ESSENTIAL OIL : Extracted from the the dried kernel of the ripe seeds of the Nutmeg (Myristica officinalis) plant through Steam Distillation. PURIFIES AIR NATURALLY, IMPROVES COGNITION , RELIEVES ANXIETY & INDUCES WARMTH WHEN DIFFUSED...
Rs. 395.00
Meraki Lemongrass Essential Oil
• Feeling of cleanliness & liveliness • Inducing clear thinking • Improving concentration • Dispelling feeling of despondency, despair & lethargy. • Letting go • Countering Insomnia • Keeping bad odors at bay.--At Meraki Essentials we call Lemongrass the “Awakening Potion” as...
Rs. 345.00
Meraki Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Diffusion may help in : Repelling insects, Calming, refreshing, Relaxing, uplifting mind & mood, Supporting healthy respiration, clearing cold and congestion.--At Meraki Essentials we call Lemon Eucalyptus the "The All Purpose Potion" as it has a soothing, calming aroma; helps relieve pain, acts like...
Rs. 445.00

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