The Date House Honey Almonds Cookies
Honey Almond Cookies. The flaky goodness of almonds brings crunch to every cookie. Honey adds to the golden-brown hues and rich texture. Every bite is filled with a delicious dollop of butter that proceeds to melt in your mouth. This...
Rs. 199.00
True Elements Multigrain Bix (Pack of 2 x 350 gm)
Enjoy the goodness of 100% wholegrains in just a bowl: Prepared from 100% natural, wholegrains without any other taste enhancers or flavours, a bowl of multigrain bix can help you get the required kick-start to begin your day with full...
Rs. 440.00
The Date House Honey Oats Date Cookies
Honey Oats Dates Cookies. Nutrition and taste meet to produce a ball of energy in the form of these date oats cookies. These wholesome cookies are rich in texture, taste and are the right treats to satisfy you when craving...
Rs. 229.00
The Date House Coconut Crunch Cookies
Coconut Crunch Cookies. Crunchy coconut crumbs are generously soaked in honey to bring you a delicious treat. Packed with the goodness of fibre and the taste of coconut, this cookie will have you walking down memory lane.Date of Expiry /...
Rs. 199.00
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