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Hey guys; common buy unique doormats online for this new year. With the New Year bringing new hopes, dreams and expectations, we all look for happiness in the small things in our daily lives. We at can help you bring a new look to your home with our collection of soft and designed printed doormats. These are available in a number of colors and sizes, and you can choose the one that is perfect for your home. Some of our bestselling products are described below, but you can choose your favorite at 

Colorful Tulips Doormat is a rectangular shaped doormat made from coconut fiber which is 100% organic. This doormat can effectively protect your house from dirt, mud and moisture of the shoes in style. This can also give a new and bright look to your door, making it the perfect product for gifting yourself this New Year.

Product: Tulips Doormat

Brand: Only Mat

Price: Rs 699

Perks: colorful, soft, printed, organic

Reindeer Doormat is a simple yet sophisticated design which is an all-purpose mat that can be used in any corner of your house. With the ability to get rid of any kind of dirt, grime and moisture, this can keep your house clean as well. This is suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor use and can be the perfect New Year addition for your home. 

Product: Reindeer Doormats

Brand: Only Mat

Price: Rs 699

Perks: printed, soft, multipurpose

Vintage Car Doormat is a 100% organic product. Rectangular in shape, this is made of soft fibre and printed with the highest quality dyes. This mat also has high longevity and can be kept clean by shaking sweeping or just vacuuming. This vintage look can bring a completely new look to your home this New Year. 

Product: Vintage Car Doormats

Brand: Only Mat

Price: Rs 699

Perks: soft, long-living, organic

Musical Headset Doormat can be the perfect doormat for a music lover. A 100% organic product, this mat can protect your house from mud, dirt and moisture of any kind. This can also be used both indoors and outdoors and ne the perfect addition to your home this New Year.

Product: Musical Headset Doormat

Brand: Only Mat

Price: Rs 699

Perks: multipurpose, colourful, soft, organic

Buy these designed doormats from and celebrate this New Year with a new look to your home!

By Ishita Pal

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