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Tea is a part of life for Indians and it serves as the best refresher for any time of the day but if that tea is an immunity booster, it can make you a multi tasker. Be it morning, evening, or afternoon, tea is what comes to mind the first! Add the YAZA Rambaan tea from in your tea collection and sip on the finest tea type!

As the name suggests, this is Rambaan for all your stress! It is the solution to everything. It is made from a powerful blend of 16 spices and herbs, which provide the best tea sipping experience that you can find. 

It is made from a blend of fennel seeds, cardamom, bay leaves, cinnamon, rose petals, tulsi leaves, mulethi, cloves, shankhpushpi and seven other assorted herbs. 

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Not only does it provide a great tea experience but also has medicinal properties. It is a great immunity booster and is especially helpful in the current covid times. It cures cough and cold, helps boost metabolism, cures migrane, and rejuvenates your whole self.

Buy this multitasking tea today from and support the local Indian brands!

By Samvidha Daiya

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