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From childhood to old age, chocolate is a constant love for everyone. Its sweetness relieves us of all things that are going through our minds and we tend to concentrate on living in the moment. A few pieces of chocolate can fix anything from a broken heart to bland food (as a dessert). Rage Chocolates, a homegrown Indian brand, presents to you: Love themed chocolates! is an Indian online marketplace and hosts Indian brands. Rage Chocolatier is one of them. From their quirky names to the pretty illustrations, everything would work perfectly to take your loved one’s heart away!

Rage Chocolatier only uses the most premium quality ingredients in their preparations of chocolates. All the chocolates are made carefully to curate to your needs. What more? All of them are customizable! This brand makes sure to sway your heart away, from packaging to taste, it is a journey you must not miss.

Checkout the variety of Rage Chocolatier only on and keep supporting local Indian brands!

By Samvidha Daiya

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