Buy Aikane Hand And Surface Wipes For Best Hygiene”


Maintenance of hygiene is essential in corona but that requires proper information about which wipes are the best for you. presents Aikane Sanitizing products for Hands and Surfaces. These products are especially curated to tend to your hand and surface sanitization needs. 

Just like baby wipes are made for babies and face wipes especially for face, these wipes help in sanitizing your hands and giving you that clean, virus-free feel on your hands and other surface.


They are easy to use, just take one and use it and throw it away. They are cost-effective, which means that they can be used in bigger quantities for regular sanitization. 

Aikane is an Indian homegrown brand and they specialize in making sanitization products. These products have natural extracts of neem, tulsi, and many such ingredients which make them safe to use and also have a lot of medicinal properties.

Hands, Cellphone, Mobile Phone, Wipe, Cleaning Wipe

It also is the perfect travel partner whenever you are out. 

Safe, easy to use, and effective, what else do you need? Buy these Aikane products NOW from and checkout more such products. Go Vocal for Local!

By Samvidha Daiya

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