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Hey Guys! Choose from the 4 best stethoscopes online manufactured by Indian homegrown brands. As much as we hate to admit it, the number of diseases and health related problems have been increasing day by day. The world needs more doctors than ever, and more people are having to visit the clinic on a daily basis. In the midst of all this, doctors are getting stressed out most of all, especially with their high demand in the pandemic situation.

We at would like to relieve our doctors of this pressure by providing them the option of shopping for essentials online. We can provide doctors as well as aspiring doctors with a wide range of stethoscopes from local and homegrown brands of India and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Some of our bestselling and most popular products are described below, but you can choose your favorite ones at according to your convenience. 

Adult Stethoscope has a lightweight aluminium chest piece and anatomically designed headset. With extra soft ear tips, this product also has single lumen tubing and is the ideal product for healthcare practitioners. This product weighs about 300g and is available in a number of colours for you to choose from. With a price of only Rs 500, this can be of great use to any health practitioner. 

Product: Adult Stethoscope

Brand: Vkare

Price: Rs 500

Pediatric Stainless Steel Stethoscope is one of the greatest health supports and has a solid, stainless steel pediatric chest piece. A sleek looking product, this has a weight of 400g and can provide sensitive acoustics with its sensitive diaphragm. This product can also provide a professional performance at an affordable price of Rs 750. You can also choose your favorite color. 

Product: Pediatric Stainless Steel Stethoscope

Brand: Vkare

Price: Rs 750

Dual Bell Stethoscope is a sleek looking and dual headed stethoscope which can assure great patient comfort. This is also fitted with a fiber diaphragm that helps in amplification and transmission of high frequency sound. This also comes with a handcrafted headset and soft earpieces at an affordable price of Rs 500. You can also choose from a range of your favourite colours. 

Product: Dual Bell Stethoscope

Brand: Vkare

Price: Rs 500

Teaching Stethoscope is the perfect and most useful product for teaching and training purposes. With a dual head design, this product can be used by two people simultaneously. This can make teaching and learning more effective and is available at a reasonable price of Rs 1500. 

Product: Teaching Stethoscope

Brand: Vkare

Price: Rs 1500

Buy these cost effective and bestselling stethoscopes at and have them delivered right at your doorstep!

By Ishita Pal

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