Kickstart your day with Natural and Healthy Homegrown Tea!


A good cup of tea in the morning has the power to rejuvenate your mind and body. It prepares you for your day by boosting your energy and busting the stress. But is your regular retail tea the best option for your health?
Experts have suggested that it is a wise decision to switch to a healthier version of your everyday tea for better health benefits. Herbal or natural tea is your healthiest option and is not only rich in flavour but also has multiple benefits that help keep you healthy and happy. Some of the best healthy, natural and homegrown tea options are given below.

Aromica Blooming Tea: Aromica is known for serving lots of safe and delicious tea choices. This natural tea helps to promote weight loss and is also a rich source of antioxidants to keep you safe from the inside. It can also help to reduce your blood sugar levels by drinking this tea on a daily basis.

Yaza Arjuna Tea: Made from the herb Arjuna, this natural tea specifically promotes heart health by improving the intensity of cardiac contractions. It removes occlusions from blood vessels and improves blood flow in the heart. Other benefits include balanced cholesterol levels and controlled blood pressure. 

Udyan Tea Bombay Cutting Chai: A popular tea blend from the streets and corner stalls of Mumbai, this natural tea is a blend created using two exotic Indian spices - cardamom & ginger. Consumed by numerous Indians daily, this tea offers you the authentic flavor and aroma of Bombay street chai.


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