Beat the pandemic with these 2 must-have Covid essentials!


The world is going through a massive pandemic, and health experts have repeatedly highlighted the importance of staying safe and sanitized. However, sometimes, it becomes very difficult to carry a bottle of sanitizer or a disinfectant spray all the time. Your bag may feel heavier than usual, or it might be difficult to fit them into your purse. Switch to our homegrown sanitizing and disinfecting wet wipes which are easy to carry and stop compromising on your health and safety today!

Aikane Sanitizing Wet Wipes can be used on both hands and surfaces. This Covid essential is available in packs of 5, and each pack has 10 wipes each. These wet wipes are safe to use and are 100% natural. Easy to carry and fit into your bags, this Covid essential is the perfect way to get rid of those sanitizer bottles. 

GreenBrrew Disinfectant Wet Wipes is one of the most cost effective way to ensure your safety against the virus. Each pack has 10 sachets of wet wipes which work as sanitizers or disinfectants. This is totally safe to use and can be the perfect replacement to your heavy disinfecting bottles.

Switch to our sanitizing and disinfecting wet wipes today and stay safe through the pandemic!

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