4 Must-Have Travel Essentials for a Hassle-Free Trip


Are you travelling soon?

Feel like you're forgetting something?

Want your trip to be perfect and hassle-free?

Check out these 5 must-have travel essentials that can make your trip the best yet. These essentials are all from local and homegrown brands of India and easy to fit into your backpack or suitcase. These 5 essentials can help you avoid emergencies and make your trip a happy and safe one. 

1. ARU Power Bank: Your phone or laptop running out of charge on the roads is a real fear. Be it on a short road trip or a holiday, it is very difficult to ensure charging points for your phone at convenient times. ARU Power Bank is one such travel essential from a local and homegrown brand that can save your phone from running out of battery at crucial moments, be it for calls, music, or capturing the perfect picture. 

2. Style Tadka Luggage Tag: Travel is incomplete without luggage, and even more incomplete without luggage tags. You cannot afford to lose your luggage on a trip, and these luggage tags can be the perfect way for you to keep a check on your belongings. Moreover, these are quirky, stylish and made by homegrown brands of India.

3. Style Tadka Diaries: If you love to travel, these diaries are the perfect way to document your trips. For sudden plans and little notes, these quirky, hard-cover diaries can be the perfect travel-partner. Made by a local and homegrown brand of India, this travel essential is truly a must-have for your trips. 

4. ARU Headphones: What is a trip without music? For long travels, headphones is a must. Be it for adding music to the beautiful sceneries you witness or company on long drives, these headphones can enhance your trip and make it the best ever. Moreover, these are from a local and homegrown brand of India and extremely long-lasting. 

Get these 4 must-have travel essentials today and be travel ready this season!

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