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Are disposable diapers irritating your baby?
Did you know these diapers harm the environment?
Do you want to switch to affordable cotton diapers from local Indian brands?

Kindermum is just the brand you may be looking for. A combination of traditional Indian comfortable cotton nappys and your regular disposable diapers, this is the perfect way to protect your baby from unwanted rashes and irritation. Moreover, these are affordable and sustainable, proving to be the best 2-in-1 solution for your baby's skin and environmental damage.

Kindermum was founded by someone who loves and cares just like you, a mother. Mansi Modi, mother of her then 1 year old son wanted to find a solution to two of her problems. The first was protecting her son's sensitive skin from diaper rashes and the second was reducing environment damage by disposables. She founded Kindermum to hit two birds with one stone - Keep her son safe and protect the earth we live in.

The best part about these diapers is that they are thin and comfortable, giving your baby all the happiness in the world. They make movement easier and protect your baby from skin rashes and irritation. These can also be slipped into any fancy clothes without causing a bulge. Moreover, this made in India brand aims to "save mother earth" and was largely inspired the Make in India and Swachh Bharat campaigns. Join this Kindermum community and make a difference for your baby and the world!

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