The Fuschia Way to Natural Skin


Vkare Bio Sciences launched its subsidiary company named FUSCHIA in the year 2013. Established by a squad of Doctors and founding members Dr. Mohit Batia, Dr. Harsimran Kaur and Mr. Paras Bhatia, Fuschia has made every effort to extend out to as many people as possible with its natural and eco-friendly range. According to Dr. Mohit Bhatia, founder of Fuschia, he truly believes that skin is like a KARMA, it gives you back what you give it. Fuschia is an ISO and GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) certified company. 

Fuschia believes in core essence of its parent concern. For we really care focusing on a beautiful skin with its delicate products. The intention behind Fuschia products is to give their buyers the best experience for their skin along with assisting in the direction of preserving our environment.

The products are overloaded with following components:-

Genuinely Natural:- For a fantastic skin fuschia products are laden with natural elements which permeates deep into the skin to give it a flawless look, keeping at bay the utilization of preserving agents in its products. These eco-friendly products are derived from fruits and plants thus having a lesser shelf life in contrast with other profit-making brands of the industry. They follow a guideline of having limited stock at a time, to make sure that each product delivered to their consumers, is in a pure and aromatic form.

Handcrafted:- Fuschia's handmade soaps are beautifully crafted from vegetable oils, butters  and natural fruit extracts that make them loaded with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants which is very crucial for a sparkling skin.

Free From Chemicals:- You can actually take pleasure in cherishing all fuschia products to the utmost as it is liberated from all the harmful chemicals like SLS, SLES, Parabens and Mineral Oils etc. When there are no harsh chemicals to worry from, then why not use these products for any type of skin.

No Brutality:- Fuschia's fundamental belief is to protect the animals and conserve the nature in its original form. Thus, the products are not ruthless against animals as almost the majority of manufactured goods are vegan except for a few. Going further, the team has decided to eradicate honey, milk products and beeswax to make the complete collection fruitarian.

Founders - (Dr Harsimran Kaur, Dr Mohit Batia and Mr Paras Bhatia)

Fuschia's organic handmade products are formed from vegetable Glycerin that is very gentle on the skin. It cleans the pores and moisturizes the skin. The mild pH of these products makes it suitable for all kinds of skin. Different natural ingredients used for the products has remedial actions on the skin, like olive oil adjourns signs of aging, coconut oil has anti-inflammatory features, green apple oil reduces blemishes and illuminates the skin, wheat germ oil extracted from wheat kernels relaxes the dry skin and the list just goes on. These organic ingredients make it appropriate for all your skinny needs. Fuchsia's products nourishes you from head to toe with its wide range of products starting from shampoos, face care, body washes, skin care, etc.

According to professionals, to have a gleaming skin we should often rinse it, scale off the dead cells, gobble on antioxidant rich food, shed our stress, inhale fresh air, increase water consumption and moreover use products which are natural, organic with no side effects. Handcrafted nature for your exceptional skin with Fuschia's extensive range of skin care products are presented at to shop from. Natural handmade products with its aromatic velvety foam pampers you and your skin with its fruity presence will make you just feel wow about your skin.

Shop now for wide range of natural handmade skincare products from local brand fuschia.

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