El Diablo - India's First Ever Bacon Hot Sauce


Looking for an Indian Homegrown Brand which will provide the best Indian Hot Sauces? We have you covered! El Diablo is your way to go !!!

Every snack food is incomplete without the right condiment to go with it and being Indians, we LOVE our spice. There are numerous foreign brands, especially American and Korean, which specializes in hot sauces but seldom does someone see a great Indian brand selling their especially curated hot sauces. Well, we present El Diablo, an INDIAN hot sauce brand which is introducing new and lip-smacking flavors for your spice needs!

This little entrepreneurial bud was planted by Duo Nikhil Shankaran Kutty and Tanya Nambiar in New Delhi when Tanya pushed Nikhil, previously a chef in London, to create it. The magic begun when they launched this product on March 1, 2017. Tanya had been in the business for 8 years and when Nikhil joined her, there was no coming back! They blended their culinary and entrepreneurial flavors and joined hands for this spicy yet beautiful journey of El Diablo.

Founders El Diablo

Founders (Nikhil and Tanya)

After asking Nikhil to make the sauce for while which he eventually did, they tasted it and loved it! Then, they spread the news and shared the sauce with their family and friends, who loved it as well and came back for more and more. That is when they decided to sell it so that everyone can get a taste of this perfectly blended preparation.

They based their company’s name on Nikhil’s dog, Diablo. Such is the prestigious gift for the loyal friend a man has. Diablo is also a synonym for a devil, and it matched their concept well. Once they begun, there was no looking back. Nikhil and Tanya thought about launching something as simple as a sauce because it is what binds different things together.

It can spice up the blandest of foods and give a kick to every snack time. There are obstacles in the road as well, they have to continuously think about innovative ideas but it is their efforts which show up. As a couple, they have been handling the business so well. What they plan on doing in future? They want everyone to try El Diablo at least once. The Founders of the company want to see it on every table at homes and outside.

El Diablo Sauces offers a wide assortment of sauces that you can use for pretty much everything as a dip, to use as a spread and even to cook. These sauces are fresh, natural and have unique flavors ranging from sweet, tangy, mild to super spicy. The brand keeps it simple by not using any chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers or processed sugar; with bold flavors that will make your mealtime a lip-smacking affair. FRESH, NATURAL and UNIQUELY flavored sauces that are sure to blow your mind. Brand keeps it simple, do not use any chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers or processed sugars; with bold flavors leaving you wanting more and more.

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