Are We Corona Ready? Free Online Guide To Reduce the Risk.

Do we really think that we are corona ready? Lets find  out how to reduce the risk and fight away the corona virus. Films play a very vital role in an Indian’s life and the famous dialogues are always on the tips of their tongue.  Remember the most famous dialogue from the movie Deewar “Aaj mere paas gaadi hai, bungla hai, paisa hai… tumhare paas kya hai?” “Mere paas, mere paas”, Sanitizer hai, mask hai, handwash hai.

In this COVID-19 pandemic situation no one can think anything other than this, where it has become a culture to always carry sanitizer, masks, gloves, tissues etc in your purse or bag. brings you a variety of these personal care & home care essentials which will help you and the people around you to take appropriate precautions and be safe & healthy from the Corona virus. Majority of people have really turned themselves towards homegrown brands as a matter of fact that this Corona Virus came from outside India and no one wants to risk their lives buying foreign goods.

There are multiple factors we need to keep in mind to hinder the expansion of Covid-19:-

1. Regularly wash your hands:- Washing your hands frequently with a handwash is mandatory these days when Corona Virus cases have risen like anything. Wash your hands especially subsequent to when you have been out in a communal place or after coughing or sneezing.  If handwash is not immediately available then adoption of a hand sanitizer is compulsory. A good sanitizer consists of minimum 60% alcohol. brings these personal care essentials from our homegrown brands which are natural and organic. Avert from touching your mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands. Gloves can also be used as an alternative to keep your hands away from dirty surfaces.

2. Wear a Mask:- Masks can be worn to protect ourselves and others against Covid-19 or Corona virus, when physical distancing is not really possible. Masks have become an integral part of your style statement these days. There are certain factors you should keep in mind while buying a mask-

a. Material Matters:- Look for masks whose fabric does not enrage your skin. in collaboration with many Indian brands has got masks made up of natural fabrics like cotton, linen etc. For example, cotton textile absorbs heat & perspiration making it a breathable fabric.

b. Purpose/Functionality:- Can the mask be used multiple times? Is it washable or recyclable? Be certain to choose a mask that suits your family’s requirements like is it for the kids or adults. Do not use masks used by others especially the health workers.

c. Fashion Statement:- Face masks are used for a genuine reason to stay away from close contact with people, but it seriously does not mean that it cannot become a style statement for you. People have started to wear designer masks with different patterns and prints according to their dresses. In fact they go for different colors as per their outfits.

3.Refrain Proximity:- Maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet with people around you. You never know who can spread the corona virus. Refrain from being in close contact particularly with sick people.

4. Shield your Sneeze & Cough:- Always try to cap your sneeze or cough with the help of a tissue or your arm, if tissue is not available, but do not spit it outside. Chuck the used tissue in the garbage out of anyone’s reach. After a cough or a sneeze instantly wash your hands with hand wash or a sanitizer to get rid of the germs.

5. Be Hygenic:- Sanitize or clean the surface in and around you which are being in contact daily like tables, switches, laptops or computers, phones, toiletries, utensils, sinks, handles, cupboards etc as corona virus transmits through surfaces. Do not let the dirt sit over, first wipe it then use a disinfectant.Remember cleanliness will keep you healthy.

6. Keep a check on your health every day:- Observe for symptoms of Covid like fever, breathlessness, cough etc to monitor your health. Immediately concern your doctor in case of any problems. Isolate yourself from others for their benefit, so that you do not become the medium for spread of the disease.

7. Boost your Immunity:- People whose immunity is week really get infected faster by Covid-19 virus. So to boost up your immunity levels keep the following points in consideration-

a. Get adequate sleep as sleep and immunity go hand in hand.

b. Eat more natural, organic and healthy food other than canned or tinned food.

c. Take juices which contain vitamin c. Nowadays there are multiple tea available in the market to enhance your body’s resistance capacity.

d. Limit your sugar intake, use things which can substitute sugar like honey, maple syrup, jaggery etc.

e. Drink more water to be hydrated the whole day.

f. Employ yourself in some physical activity

g. Supervise your anxiety or stress levels.

Personally I think if we incorporate the above points in our daily lives we will be able to keep ourselves healthy no matter whatever disease crops in. Bharatgoods is a one stop shop where you can get handwash, sanitizer, mask, homecare products, personal care products, juices, tea, honey etc just a click away. promotes nothing foreign as they support our homegrown brands and believes in the concept of Make in India, Vocal for Local & Atmanirbhar Bharat. Lets support and become a proud Indian.

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