Amazing Local Brands To Be Found Online In India

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Ever since westernization hit us, we tend to follow foreign trends and brands. However, there is a huge variety and number of homegrown Indian local brands available online. is a company which aims to connect Indians with local brands and sellers, fueling the dream of an Atmanirbhar Bharat. Here are some Indian local brands available on

Fuschia is a local brand dedicated to natural, handmade skincare products. It is a brand created by doctors and skincare specialists who have carefully curated products naturally and organically. From manufacturing to packaging, this brand takes special care in making their products uniquely and naturally. Fuschia products are handmade, Eco-friendly, cruelty free and free from chemicals. They aim to provide best skincare products while helping the ecosystem.

There is a great range of Fuschia products available on They provide all kinds of skincare products: Natural and handmade soap bars, bath salts, bath gels, day and night creams, lotions, lip balms, etc.

The Craft Panda
The Craft Panda is an Indian local brand specializing in quirky craft products. Be it string art, wedding props, wooden decorations, or even Harry Potter bookmarks, they have it all! The products by The Craft Panda are handmade, Eco-friendly and unique. Made by expert artists and craftsmen, these products have a special touch. They can customize your name and dates, even pictures depending on the product you want.

Their products also make great and new gifting options.

If you like to try different types of teas, Yaza is the local brand for you. They are “a holistic lifestyle brand that specializes in natural and organic healthcare products that boost immunity, along with a range of offerings for your personal & spiritual well-being and for your home.” according to their website. They aim to promote a healthier lifestyle, refreshing people through their products. Naturally manufactured with eco-friendly packaging. Yaza is a go to brand for the ones who crave a good cup of tea but are also enthusiastic about helping the
Natural and organic teas with a refreshing taste, try out Yaza through

Nutriwish is an Indian brand curating healthy, natural and organic snacks, super foods, dietary supplements, and honey. They aim to provide a way of living a healthy lifestyle to people. Maintaining optimal health is important especially due to the ongoing pandemic. There’s a need to eat healthy and build our immunity. Nutriwish aims to provide healthier snacking options to everyone. Find honey, butters, seeds, and more snacks on

Aura Aura is the product of their parent company Aarav Home Decor. They sell handmade and eco-friendly candles, diffusers, incense and fragrances online. Their products are authentically made and sold online. They are packaged well with a special care to keep the packaging eco-friendly. Their candles come in different fragrances and colours, according to your needs. They are beautifully put in glass containers. Their tea light candles are especially different, small but pretty for decorations.
They have a ‘beer candle’ which looks like a beer glass but is actually a candle. It is visually appealing. But it directly from here. Check out more candles from Aura on

Buy these products directly from and check out more natural and organic, eco-friendly products that are made in India. Thrive to make India Atmanirbhar Bharat and go Vocal for Local by buying Indian homegrown products. Support local Indian brands!

By Samvidha Daiya

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