10 Unique Homegrown Food Brands of India You Must Try

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Hey people out there! let me tell you 10 Homegrown Food Brands of India that you must try without fail and of course it will not fail you either.

Do you consider yourself a responsible citizen of India?
Would you be proud to see an Aatmanirbhar Bharat?
Are you interested in helping achieve this dream?

In order for India to be truly independent from outside influence, it is essential that we as citizens support the local, homegrown brands that are trying so hard to make a mark in the market. The more we support these brands and be Vocal for the Local, the more we can move towards our goal of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. You might be confused about what exactly homegrown brands are. The most common dictionary meaning of homegrown is “native to or characteristic of a particular area”. Thus, homegrown food brands are those food brands which are exclusively from India, made by local Indians for the locals of India.

The beauty of such brands is that they have the ability to provide us with almost every product that we might be needing in our daily lives. With the pandemic raging across the world, there a number of reasons as to why we as Indians should be switching more towards local brands instead of staying dependent on foreign ones. The most important reason is that local brands increase the level of employment in the country. The pandemic forced a number of large companies to slash down the number of employees to a bare minimum, thus, leaving a huge fraction of our population unemployed.

The more we use local brands, the more such people will get the opportunity to earn a living. Moreover, these homegrown food brands are not dependent on any outside country for production, thus greatly lowering production and consumption costs. Studies have also shown that these are way more sustainable and higher in quality than a number of global brands.

Some of the most popular and highest ranking homegrown food brands of India are listed below.

1. The Date House is a brand which was built on the base of giving customers a sweet alternative which was immensely and undoubtedly healthy as well as hygienic. They want to provide their customers products to satisfy their sweet cravings in a healthy way, and dates
were the perfect thing for them to work with. They also provide gift boxes and hampers for gifting to your near and dear ones.

2. Chopinz provides customers with 100% vegan and KETO friendly products. Moreover, all their products are sugar-free and gluten-free, thus, proving to be perfect for all the fitness freaks out there. For all those of you who are health conscious but still want some excitement in your diet, this is the perfect brand for you.

3. Naagin, a popular brand was started to provide Indians with the perfect combination of spices mixed into a sauce that would suit almost every Indian dish. Their sauces are delivered in glass bottles and can be used as an effective dip, condiment, cooking sauce and so on. Moreover, they use real vegetables and are 100% vegan with only local ingredients.

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4. Nutriwish is a brand that provides customers with a varied list of products. Their products include all sorts of items for a healthy and balanced diet. They focus on helping you increase your immunity and work with natural and local ingredients. Some of their popular products
include honey, flax seeds, chia seeds and so on.

5. Theo Organics deals with Himalayan products that are 100% natural and organic. As most of you will be knowing, organic products are extremely beneficial for your health as well as good for the environment. This brand provides such organic products to make our country a
better, safer and healthier place.

6. True Elements is another brand that caters to maintaining the health of its customers. Starting from providing natural seeds, cereals and other food items that are healthy for your body, this brand is slowly sliding up day by day.

7. Zest Chocolates is what can make your day. A brand focused mostly on chocolates and nutties, this brand provides the most exclusive gift boxes and luxury gifts of all times. Moreover, they keep reasonable prices for the common masses.

8. Good Roots is a brand that are made from the essence of your roots: goodness and purity. From flours and pulses to herbs and spices, their products are natural, unadulterated and worthy of every mother’s trust. Good roots have an entire range of spices, pulses, seasoning, herbs, rice & flours and dehydrated products. Good roots will complete all your grocery needs at your doorstep. Its one of the finest homegrown food brands that is trustworthy.

9. Nutty Fox is a brand that works on healthy snacking. They ensure that the finest raw materials & all-natural ingredients are used in creating a super healthy & scrumptious snack for our consumers.

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10. Devbhumi is a brand that belongs to rural women from the remote villages of the upper Himalayan region. The company is based in Uttarakhand and they provide a variety of spices like turmeric, chili, coriander, ginger and so on. These are available both whole as well as


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By Ishita Pal

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